Music Ministry

Sis. Faith and Alex Fernandez

Director of Music

All throughout the Bible, we see examples of how powerful music is in a spiritual sense. In Joshua 6, we see the walls of the mighty city, Jericho, falling down when the children of Israel blew the trumpets. In 1 Samuel 16, Saul was soothed in the midst of torment by songs that David played on his harp. Moving into the New Testament, Paul and Silas are freed from imprisonment by singing and praising God (Acts 16).

Clearly, music holds spiritual power in the kingdom of God. It is my prayer that we can harness that power, and through praise, can see the mighty works of God in Fairbanks, Alaska. We believe that when we begin to worship, we will see triumph, comfort, deliverance, and provision. This is biblical. Along with the examples above, the Bible is full of examples of music dedicated to God being the catalyst in hopeless situations.

When you come to the Sanctuary, don’t expect to simply sing, sit down, and hear a good message. We are a church that believes in the power of God, and we expect to see that power demonstrated in some way every service. When you come to the Sanctuary, expect lives to be made whole, hearts to be healed, and hopeless situations taken care of by a loving Father.  This begins during pre-service prayer, and it continues throughout the preaching and altar services. I am so thankful to be a part of this team, and I hope that you will choose to come and experience the power of God for yourself.