Life Group

We have multiple groups that meet in homes throughout our area. Each group varies in size, age and marital status. Each Tuesday's - Thursday's usually at 7:00pm there is a time of worship, discussion, snacks, and fellowship in a casual atmosphere.

The goals of our Home Friendship Groups are to:


Please use our contact page if you have any questions about times and/or locations.

Rev. Albert and Brenda Agee

Associate Pastor and Life Group Director / Church Treasurer Brenda Agee

We are excited to extend an invitation for you to attend our Life Group meeting on Thursday nights 6:30 at the church. Our Life Group is a safe place to build friendships AND grow spiritually. Our Life Group is an intentional gathering where a group of people meet on a regular basis to fellowship together. You will develop relationships, be transparent, and become a part of a spiritual family. We do this by loving one another, having fun, enjoying meals, praying together, and sharing our needs, sorrows, and joys.

Rev. John and Johnnie Dartt

Bible Teacher

My wife and I have been attending The Sanctuary since 1996 when the Lord brought us here during my time serving in the military. We were very young and knew no one from this area. The Life Groups were a great place to meet people and feel a connection and encouragement in a small group setting. Very quickly, we felt a part of this church family. In our opinion, our church has some of the most friendly, genuinely loving people in the world. Our Life Group meets every Wednesday at 7pm in the church basement. We would encourage you to visit each of the groups since each have slightly different styles. This will serve two purposes; one, you will get to meet several people and, secondly, you’ll find where you feel you are most comfortable. We serve an amazing God who knows just how to move into a situation and bring healing, deliverance, and salvation. It sounds a bit cliché but there truly is no situation or circumstances that the Lord cannot touch and move in when we reach out to Him in Jesus name. He is the all-knowing, loving God that created you and desires to be close to you. We can’t wait to meet you and see the exciting things the Lord is going to do in your life.

Rev. Joseph and Crystal Essex

Bible Study Director / Life Group Leader

Welcome to our Life Group! Life Group is a place where we can gather with likeminded people to enjoy fellowship and grow together. This is a personal experience that not only draws us closer to one another, but draws us closer to the Lord. Please join us at 6:30pm every Wednesday at the church. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Sis. Ashley Burgess

Life Group Leader

My name is Ashley Burgess. I first came to the Sanctuary UPC Church in 2015. I fully enjoy facilitating life group and connecting with other people while sharing the love of God. I hope that people who attend my life group will feel loved, supported, connected and have a safe place to grow their faith in God. Everyone is welcome to join us on Tuesday nights at 7pm.