Rev. Cameron & Kara Glodowski

Hyphen Leaders

Hyphen is a ministry group for unmarried adults ages 18-30.

This is such a crucial time in a person’s life as they undergo countless transitions and are faced with many life-altering decisions—all while trying to find and walk in the will of God for their life.


As Hyphen leaders we desire to provide community, support and tools during this transitional time to empower each young person to thrive in the ministries God has called them to.


The Hyphen group gets together once a month for a bible study where we learn and grow together in God’s word. Hyphen also gets together once a month for an outing where we can connect on a personal level with each other.


Our vision is for each Hyphen member to CONNECT with God, the church and their calling, to GROW in relationship with God, understanding of God’s word, and in their ministry, and to SERVE as the hands and feet of God in our church and in our community.